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Located in the heart of the Northwoods, Pfaller Dental aims to offer superb oral health care in a comfortable and modern environment.

The doctors and staff of Pfaller Dental are committed to providing quality preventative treatments, educational information and appropriate restorative solutions on an individualized level.

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Committed to Saving Lives and Providing Excellent Dental Care

Dear Dr. Pfaller,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I have been cancer free for seven years now. As you will recall, during several dental exams, you discovered white spots under my tongue and the floor of my mouth. You told me that those spots were indicative of a smoker and you insisted that I have a thorough exam by a cancer specialist, to take a biopsy and determine if there was cancer present. You even called Dr. Min to schedule my appointment.

As it turned out, the biopsy proved to be cancerous and Dr. Min performed surgery to remove the malignant tissue. Dr. Min said the first several years would be critical and that I had to give up my smoking, which I did. Check-ups were completed every six months for the first three years and annually thereafter until five years had past. No further exams have been necessary.

So, what was a routine dental exam turned into a life saving procedure to halt the spread of the cancer cells. Because of your knowledge, you recognized a dangerous symptom and were perseverant in directing me to the people who could correct the problem and maintain my good health. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Gene. M. Tesch